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 Mexico: Solidarity with the struggle of the teachers and the popular revolt

Sunday, June 19, 2016, the Mexican Federal police fired live bullets at demonstrators blocking the highway near the village of Nochixtlan in Oaxaca State. This state repression of extreme violence resulted in numerous injuries and a dozen deaths.

That roadblock was set up by the Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE), students and parents, many of whom belong to indigenous peoples. For several months, particularly in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacan, large-scale movements against the "educational reform" that the government aims at imposing is fiercely attacked with batons, tear gas, flashballs. Teachers are threatened, dismissed from their work, jailed.

The road blockades were decided in early June following the arrest of several leaders of the CNTE of Oaxaca section.

A real media war is waged against the rebels accused of being "terrorists", "lazy", "opponents to progress." The "progress" of the "Quality and Education Law" consists in making education a commodity and handing it over to the private sector for the benefit of the most favored. As recalls a banner. "Educational reform is not just about teachers, but also against the population," many families, especially indigenous communities, provide assistance to teachers, participate in demonstrations.

Already in June 2006, teachers had occupied the center of Oaxaca City, before being brutally evicted. The population – parents, students, young working class neighborhoods, indigenous peoples – had joined the organized resistance and self-management of the city: the "Commune of Oaxaca" was defeated only in November by a military and police repression of extreme violence.

Our companions of the Mexican Anarchist Federation, the Magonista Zapatista Alliance, the Anarchist Black Cross are fully involved in this struggle and regularly update us on the situation. In response to the statement of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the Zapatistas of the EZLN addressed on June 20 "to the people of Mexico and the peoples of the world", the Anarchist Federation expresses its total solidarity to the teachers4 struggle and the popular revolt. It demands an immediate end to the repression and the release of all prisoners.

If the "state of emergency" allows the French government to further restrict the freedoms so as to to try and impose a "Labour Law" of wich the had been dreaming of for a long time, it is a real "state of siege" that is established by the Mexican State. In a period where some people preach resignation and submission, where others advocate a nationalist reaction and the illusion of a change through the ballot box, the Anarchist Federation practices more than ever an internationalism based on practical solidarity, the exchange experiences with all those who do not yield to the offensive of the state at the service of capitalism.

As recalls the CNI and the EZLN: "A storm, in addition to the tempest and chaosm also makes fertile ground from which hatches a new world"

Francophone Anarchist Federation